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At present, the maritime freight system of container goods is more mature than that of inland freight. Basically, it is divided into two categories. One is the method for calculating the freight of articles for general cargo, that is, taking each freight ton as the unit (commonly known as bulk price), and the other is taking each container as the billing unit (commonly known as package price).

1. Basic rate and surcharge for sundry articles:

(1) basic rate -- referring to the traditional freight rate for general cargo, taking freight ton as the unit of calculation, and adopting graded rate on most routes.

(2) surcharge -- in addition to the regular surcharge on conventional general cargo, there are additional charges relating to the transport of containerized cargo.

2. BOX RATE: this RATE is based on each container and is often used in the case of container delivery, i.e. Cfs-cy or cy-cy clause. The common BOX RATE can be expressed in the following three forms:

(1)FAK FREIGHT FOR ALL KINDS -- the FREIGHT rate collected uniformly FOR each container without subdividing the type of goods in the container and without counting the amount of goods (within the important limit).

(2) the FCS bag rate (FREIGHT FOR CLASS), according to the grades of different goods box set by the rates FOR general cargo container of hierarchies and cargo transportation method, is still 1 - level 20, but poor container loading rates level significantly less than the general cargo rate differential, generally low level of container fee is higher than the traditional transport, high cargo container less than traditional transport; For the same grade of goods, the freight rate for heavy cargo containers is higher than that for bulk cargo. It can be seen that shipping companies encourage people to pack high-priced and bulk cargoes into shipping. Below this kind of rate, freight of less than container load is calculated and traditional carriage is same, according to goods name check grade, computational standard, go next appropriate rate, multiply freight ton, obtain freight namely.

(3)FCB FREIGHT FOR CLASS or BASIS -- this is the FREIGHT rate provided by different FREIGHT grades or classes and calculation standards.

The company and Shanghai port customs, commodity inspection, dynamic plant inspection, tally, port loading and unloading as well as major shipping companies and airlines have maintained close and good relations of cooperation, dedicated to provide customers with quality services.
The business scope of the company: undertake the transportation agency business of import and export goods by sea, land and air, including: cargo canvasing, space booking, warehousing, transit, container assembly and unpacking, settlement of freight and sundry fees, customs declaration, inspection declaration, insurance and other related services, overseas agency and consulting business.
The company's main business departments: shipping department, air transport department, LCL department, customs declaration and inspection department, transportation and storage department, sales department, finance department, customer service department, etc.
We always insist that every customer should enjoy equal quality service and sincere communication. In the future, we will try our best to provide you with quality service regardless of the business volume. We hope that through the continuous efforts of the company, our quality service can contribute to the development of every customer, with a reliable reputation, become your partner. We are approved by the ministry of transportation NVOCC, was founded in the 1990 s, belong to the non-vessel carrier level of international freight forwarding company in Shanghai, in the international bulk cargo and roll-on roll-off transportation, have their own customs broker, the company has always been adhering to the "integrity, innovation, efficiency," spirit of enterprise, sincere service to every customer. Scope of business: international and domestic transportation of import and export bulk carriers (equipment, bulk cargo) and ro-ro ships (vehicles) and bulk cargo (including ore, cement, etc.); Sea and air hazardous chemicals) and (general cargo transport agency business, including sales, booking, warehousing transshipment, frozen cabinet, container FCL, LCL, charging for incidental expenses, and import and export goods customs declaration, customs, quarantine, inspection, customs, insurance, foreign trade agent, such as one-stop all-in total transportation business both at home and abroad, especially to provide goods door to door value-added services, with several of the owner kept a very good relations of cooperation, with the advantages of general freight forwarders have no! Bulk cargo ship routes almost all over the world, advantage routes: Japan and South Korea, Russia, southeast Asia, Africa, the americas, the south Pacific, India and Pakistan in the Middle East including India, Iran, Iraq, Syria... Mutually mutually sincere cooperation certainly will become you not to regret the choice!!
Dozens of world ** shipping companies have become our strong backing to complete a package of logistics services, coupled with good interpersonal relations in the customs, can really solve many problems, so as to become many customers ** ideal long-term strategic partners!
Our company is no less than foreign trade container and foreign trade bulk freighter in domestic container and domestic bulk freighter field.目前,集装箱货物海上运价体系较内陆运价成熟。基本上分为两个大类,一类是袭用件杂货运费计算方法,即以每运费吨为单位(俗称散货价),另一类是以每个集装箱为计费单位(俗称包箱价)。




2.包箱费率(BOX RATE):这种费率以每个集装箱为计费单位,常用于集装箱交货的情况,即CFS-CY或CY-CY条款,常见的包箱费率有以下三种表现形式:

  (1)FAK包箱费率(FREIGHT FOR ALL KINDS)--即对每一集装箱不细分箱内货类,不计货量(在重要限额之内)统一收取的运价。

  (2)FCS包箱费率(FREIGHT FOR CLASS)--按不同货物等级制定的包箱费率,集装箱普通货物的等级划分与杂货运输分法一样,仍是1-20级,但是集装箱货物的费率差级大大小于杂货费率级差,一般低级的集装箱收费高于传统运输,高价货集装箱低于传统运输;同一等级的货物,重货集装箱运价高于体积货运价。可见,船公司鼓励人们把高价货和体积货装箱运输。在这种费率下,拼箱货运费计算与传统运输一样,根据货物名称查得等级,计算标准,然后去套相应的费率,乘以运费吨,即得运费。

  (3)FCB包箱费率(FREIGHT FOR CLASS或BASIS)--这是按不同货物等级或货类以及计算标准制订的费率。

  我们始终坚持,每一位客户都应享受到平等优质的服务与真诚的交流。在远景,不论业务量的大小,我们都将全力为您提供**质的服务。希望通过本公司的不断努力,我们的优质服务能为每一位客户的发展作出贡献,以可靠的信誉,成为您**秀的合作伙伴。  我司为交通部批准的NVOCC,成立于上世纪九十年代,属于无船承运的上海一级国际货运代理专业公司,从事国际散杂货及滚装船运输,拥有自己的报关行,公司始终秉承“诚信、创新、高效、拼搏”的企业精神,真诚地服务于每一位客户。经营范围:进出口散货船(设备、大件货物)及滚装船(车辆)和大宗货物(包括矿石、水泥等)的国际和国内运输;海运及空运(普货和化工品危险品)的运输代理业务,包括揽货、订舱、仓储中转、冷冻柜在内的集装箱整箱、拼箱、结算运杂费以及进出口货物报关、转关、报检、查验、放行、保险、外贸代理等一条龙国内外运输总包干业务,特别提供货物门到门增值服务,与多家船东保持着十分良好的合作关系,具有一般货代完全没有的优势!散货船航线几乎遍及全球,优势航线:日韩俄罗斯、东南亚、非洲、美洲、南太平洋、印巴中东包括印度、伊朗、伊拉克、叙利亚……相彼此真诚的合作定将成为您无悔的选择!!

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    • 公司实现网络订舱、手机订舱,可实时查询货物运输状态
    • 提供贸易代理报关、拼柜报关及手册报关等
    • 公司的航运整合业务覆盖全球300多个港口和城市。出口全程服务,拖车,码头,订舱,报关,单证,单证,熏蒸,商检,装车等工作。 可以选择CIF,FOB,DDU,DDP等运输方式。
      • 中国-FBA亚马逊头程运输到加拿大、美国、澳大利亚海运到门服务
      • 免费亚马逊预订服务,免收超时存储费
      • 提供免费仓库存放,可根据每位客户实际情况存放安排
    • 支付送货,国内运输和付款,以及货运和支付服务。
    • 与许多航空公司,如EY,KL,TK,SQ,CA,EK,NH,DHL,UPS,FEDEX等有良好的联系


    1. 联合保险行业的领先公司提供高质量的货物运输保险服务,为客户提供独特和最佳的自然灾害,海盗,货物污染和盗窃解决方案。
    2. 公司负责散货运输,为主要和国际设备,散货,散粮,松散矿物等提供租船或租船服务。
    3. 散货出口:安排车辆/驳船装载在内陆工厂/仓库的货物并运输到外贸码头,收集货物并在承运人进港后安排船侧吊装和捆绑。 在承运人离开港口后,实时跟踪船舶的动态,并向收货人提供船舶时刻表信息和目的港口船舶代理商信息。
      1. 散货进口:指定承运人停靠在装运港,并根据装货和卸货条款收到发货人的舱底/船上交货。 目的港卸载并安排内陆运输到工厂/仓库。
      2. 公司拥有丰富的特种柜运输经验。 成功完成了敞口柜运输,平板运输等大型设备运输的运输项目。 它是一个可靠的特殊柜运输专家。
      3. 根据客户的委托,可以承接各种超大尺寸商品,有温度要求的商品和不同形式商品的运输,其中开顶柜,平柜,框架柜和冷柜等具有相当的优势。
    4. 可在全球范围内提供门到门或点到点的运输,并提供集运或配送服务
    5. 秉承“专注承诺,承载所托”的企业精神,以客户为中心, 市场为导向,以科学的资源整合,先进的管理技术,强大的运 营能力,为您提供方便快捷的国际物流服务
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