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  • 空运,海运,进出口

Import and export agent: import and export declaration, declaration, certificate of origin, QIC, FA, FO, FE, import license transit license.
Trade: export tax rebate, letter of credit agency, collection of overseas payment, foreign procurement
Qiangji "transport, import and export of a full set of agents, trade, aviation, shipping," for a company to provide fast, convenient, affordable into a variety of

Export solutions. In the past 10 years, qiangang has taken customer needs as the market orientation and customer satisfaction as the basic service principle.

International shipping partners: HJN COSCO OOCL, APL, PIL, TSL, MSK, MSC, NYK, KLINE and other shipping companies

Flow peak season to solve customer warehouse shortage, or burst warehouse to provide warehouse pull. Our LCL, CY and other operations are more than eight years, cargo volume, routes, in and out

We are very mature in the following services for the whole process of a shipment for customers. Customers can directly log in our website to inquire about any warranty link.

Let the customer "strategize, and win thousands of miles"

International network: the world's major airports, ports with agents, professional help customers customs clearance, pick-up, for the consignee to provide all simple and square

Convenient service, so that the consignee to enjoy the shipper's choice, and always achieve mutual benefit, stable and long-term cooperation.

International air transport partners: CA, CV, CZ, JI, MH, PR, TG, UML, LH, UPS, long-term package quantity, diversified transportation, Europe

Regional network, southeast Asia, north Africa, South Africa, west Africa, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, the United States and Canada, central and South America 370 agents, 50 airlines, 1000

500 bonded warehouses, 10,000 special delivery vehicles, 150 tons of cranes for excess cargo, specially for mold, large engine, machinery

** service, the whole territory to ensure the timely and safe arrival of goods.

Southeast Asia special line: 30 Chinese trading companies specializing in import and export declaration, inspection, 20 logistics, Courier companies, specializing in providing transport, warehouse

Storage and delivery service. Such as: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand

Deliver the goods to the consignor, so that the consignee in southeast Asia can get rid of all procedures and enjoy ** logistics service, thus saving more time for the consignee.

Save the maximum cost for consignee and consignor. Dongguan qiang international freight forwarding company in Taiwan, in southeast Asia, a number of ** have direct branches

The company has a good competitive advantage. Dongguan Taiwan/Malaysia/Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam/Philippines/dubai/Taiwan can be door to door

The business. Sea - air combined transport services from Taiwan to the world. Door - to - door bulk business is now a simple introduction to the quotation. From dongguan to Taiwan

Every Tuesday, the water ship will arrive in Taiwan 10 days after the ship leaves the shore. Customs clearance and delivery can be arranged. Can do DDP, DDU service. Dongguan to

Taiwan sea, air to the door.
Beautiful price dongguan to Philippines (Manila) logistics shipping door to door tax package customs clearance, every Tuesday water ship, after clearance nine days can arrive, strong agent

Customs clearance, dispatch including tax clearance. DDP service strong welding debut. Dongguan to the Philippines by sea and air to the door, dongguan to Manila by sea and air to the door.

Dongguan to Indonesia logistics (Indonesia, Jakarta, logistics, freight, sea to door, air to door. There are three flights every Tuesday. package

Customs clearance is covered by tax.

Dongguan to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) logistics (air, sea) (including double customs clearance, destination port delivery, tax included)

Weekly three water boat weekly three water, Tuesday, four, six loading container, one CLS three open, four CLS six open and five CLS seven open. 12 ~ 15 days after loading

Left or right to the designated place of guest sima. Dongguan to Kuala Lumpur by air, dongguan to Kuala Lumpur by sea.

Hong Kong export line: dongguan to Hong Kong logistics, dongguan logistics **. Dongguan to logistics only RMB0.8/KGS qiang engaged in dongguan to Hong Kong freight 8

Since 2000, always adhere to the "customer **" business philosophy. Now I take charge of dongguan to Hong Kong logistics every day departure, every day freight. Hong Kong pie can be arranged

Delivery, pick-up, warehousing, FOB Hong Kong, FCA Hong Kong and other services.

Hong Kong import special line: Hong Kong import has always adhered to the development strategy of "import safety, import timeliness, import cost and import service".
Hong Kong to dongguan duty-free import: "convenient import method, do not need any documents customers can directly import, import prices affordable, all

The goods according to the
All kinds are priced by kilogram, and customers do not need to pay tax repeatedly. Aging fast, do not need to wait too long, general goods imported within two working days incense

The port of
To dongguan entrance door arrives the door is done completely. Import restriction (contraband does not accept), regardless of whether the goods old and new, length can be imported

The safety of imported goods is guaranteed. Welcome all new and old customers to dongguan to import, the strength of your choice of import way is right!

South America: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, panama, venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, costa rica


North America: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Houston, vancouver, Toronto.

Southeast Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka, mumbai, new Delhi.

Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland.

Europe: London, Manchester, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Paris, Rome, milan, Zurich, Amsterdam

Terdan, Brussels, Copenhagen, Athens, Madrid, Helsinki.

Middle East: dubai, jeddah, Riyadh, Karachi, Lahore.

Africa: Cairo, Lagos, Johannesburg, Cape Town.

Our commitment "as long as you need, we will go all out ** price, the most dedicated service to welcome the manufacturers call consultation进出口代理:进出口报关单、报关单、产地证、QIC、FA、FO、FE、进口许可证、过境许可证。








国际航空运输合作伙伴:CA, CV, CZ, JI, MH, PR, TG, UML, LH, UPS,长期包装数量,多元化运输,欧洲










每星期二,这艘水船将在离开海岸10天后抵达台湾。可以安排清关发货。可以做DDP, DDU服务。东莞,






每周三艘水船,每周二,四艘,六艘装柜,一艘三通,四艘六通,五艘七通。装船后12 ~ 15天







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    • 公司实现网络订舱、手机订舱,可实时查询货物运输状态
    • 提供贸易代理报关、拼柜报关及手册报关等
    • 公司的航运整合业务覆盖全球300多个港口和城市。出口全程服务,拖车,码头,订舱,报关,单证,单证,熏蒸,商检,装车等工作。 可以选择CIF,FOB,DDU,DDP等运输方式。
      • 中国-FBA亚马逊头程运输到加拿大、美国、澳大利亚海运到门服务
      • 免费亚马逊预订服务,免收超时存储费
      • 提供免费仓库存放,可根据每位客户实际情况存放安排
    • 支付送货,国内运输和付款,以及货运和支付服务。
    • 与许多航空公司,如EY,KL,TK,SQ,CA,EK,NH,DHL,UPS,FEDEX等有良好的联系


    1. 联合保险行业的领先公司提供高质量的货物运输保险服务,为客户提供独特和最佳的自然灾害,海盗,货物污染和盗窃解决方案。
    2. 公司负责散货运输,为主要和国际设备,散货,散粮,松散矿物等提供租船或租船服务。
    3. 散货出口:安排车辆/驳船装载在内陆工厂/仓库的货物并运输到外贸码头,收集货物并在承运人进港后安排船侧吊装和捆绑。 在承运人离开港口后,实时跟踪船舶的动态,并向收货人提供船舶时刻表信息和目的港口船舶代理商信息。
      1. 散货进口:指定承运人停靠在装运港,并根据装货和卸货条款收到发货人的舱底/船上交货。 目的港卸载并安排内陆运输到工厂/仓库。
      2. 公司拥有丰富的特种柜运输经验。 成功完成了敞口柜运输,平板运输等大型设备运输的运输项目。 它是一个可靠的特殊柜运输专家。
      3. 根据客户的委托,可以承接各种超大尺寸商品,有温度要求的商品和不同形式商品的运输,其中开顶柜,平柜,框架柜和冷柜等具有相当的优势。
    4. 可在全球范围内提供门到门或点到点的运输,并提供集运或配送服务
    5. 秉承“专注承诺,承载所托”的企业精神,以客户为中心, 市场为导向,以科学的资源整合,先进的管理技术,强大的运 营能力,为您提供方便快捷的国际物流服务
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